Welcome to Gaula rokeri; Unni and Svein Andersen have been smoking and preparing salmon and game for 30 years in Gauldalen.  The smokehouse is located in the village of  Støren, the heart of Norway’s most famous and productive salmon fishing county,Trøndelagin the middle of NorwayStøren is the epicentre of the most productive sport fishing river inNorway, the river Gaula, which regularly produces in excess of 40 tonnes of rod caught salmon. Elk, reindeer, roebuck and all the sporting grouse are also hunted and prepared by Gaula rokeri,and are available for sale along with fresh and smoked Gaula salmon.

The Gaula Nature centre, Varvolden camping and the Støren Hotel are available for delivery and collection of customer’s fish or game, all these sites are in the village of Støren.

An apartment sleeping up to 6 persons is also available for fishermen or general visitors.The smoking techniques of Gaula Rokeri have developed over hundreds of years from timeswhen no modern preservation methods were available; this in conjunction with the use ofnon-commercial local wood ensures an original and unique flavour to the Gaula salmon.The personal requirements of the customers type of flavour vary with the degree of salt and length of time in the smoke, it is only to ask or have a sample tasting.

For customers travelling by road and plane the salmon fillets or steaks are vacuum packed and double bagged to ensure perfect condition on arrival at journeys end.  Most Scandinavians prefer a salty smoke, however the European palete generally prefers a light to medium salt during the smoking process.  Unni and Svein also specialize in Gravlax, a preparation usingsalt, sugar and local home-grown dill to provide a sweeter alternative to traditional smoked salmon, Gaula Rokeri will be pleased to provide advice and a sample taste of all types of preparation, which also include marinated salmon and hot smoked salmon, delicious with peppers.