About us,
- Unni og Svein Andersen
Unni og SveinWe have over 30 years experience of handling and preparing both fish and game to produce smoked and cured products in the Gaula valley.

Our business is home-based in professional premises adjacent to our home at Kasa 11 in Frøseth, Støren.  In order to improve the quality of our customers finished product we have developed long term relationships with the Gaula Nature Centre, Varvolden Camping and Støren Hotel, all the latter offer a collection and delivery service and chilling facilities.  This enables fisherman visiting the Gaula river to  place their catch quickly and conveniently into

the correct environment prior to preparation by us

Due to the nature of our business we are able to also have a realistic overview of the fishing conditions and catches on a daily basis on many parts of the Gaula river, please telephone us for a report.